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16-Pillar Mandapam:

Alsmost Six years back, the 16-pillar mandapam in the front of the temple, was demolished completely due to fire. From this mandapam only, during the festival times swamy will board the vahanas. This mandapam was built by 'Nagarathars' in the last centuary. It was full of arts and olden paintings. The roof of the mandapa was built on the original teak wood. But, unfortunately, due to the shopkeepers inside th mandapa, the fire broke out and the mandapa was ............. The same 'Nagarathars' community wished to built the mandapa at their own cost at a period of 1 year.

But the State Government authorities, did'nt allowed them and they vowed to built the mandapam. Now four years have went, and no improvement was there. Now they digged big pits for construction and the construction has yet to start. On this year, November the festival is coming. How they will finish before November? If they could'nt then swamy will have to board the vahanams on the Road including on the 5th day of Karthigai deepam'99. This should never happen because it will cause severe problems to the well of the people.


Now the earnings of the temple, crosses one crore per year and so there will not be any shortage of money. But including the maintanence of the temple is not improved.

Even though the earning is increasing day by day for the temple, the Kitchen in the temple is very bad. They are still doing in the primitive way and the cooks were suffering from smoke. Atleast they can keep the steam boilers for cooking. From here only the 'Prasadham' will go for swamy during the pooja.

Admin upgradation:

The administration does'nt seems to upgrade its way of maintaining the records and the service to people with the latest technology. The office is not been computerised and does'nt have an email account. People from various parts of the country and world feel very difficult to contact the temple administration without the help of intermediate agents.